Exploring the Great Outdoors

For many men, the thrill of the outdoors is exhilarating. What beats the scent of fresh air coming into your lungs, the feel of the earth under your feet, and a rugged landscape all around you? No wonder many have become explorers, daring to take on adventures to study the lay of the land and to look for places no one has dared go into before.

Nothing says testosterone, adrenaline and ultimate manliness than looking ready for a daring adventure out into the wilderness. Complete with a weathered backpack that’s seen countless landscapes (and still raring for more), a map and a compass, camping and survival tools, it’s Man vs Nature that’s the draw here.

Nature has a lot to offer in terms of pursuits. There’s a lot of outdoor activities one can get into — the list is almost endless. There’s hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, rappelling, camping; for water sports, there’s surfing and diving.

Hiking and camping are arguably some of the most popular outdoor activities for men. It can test your survival instincts and endurance to the limits. Imagine climbing a rugged terrain for days — with some steep inclines, with others at a flatter level — in all weather conditions. Some days will be scorching hot, while on some days you have to deal with relentless rain. On multi-day treks, you’ll have to set up camp, and it’s not always going to be easy nor comfortable. You don’t have all the benefits of modern technology with you. Not all places can be reached by phone signal, you can run out of battery at any time, and you’ll have to make do with what you have.

For some men, it’s this challenge that they love most: the thrill of having to figure out how to light a fire just by rubbing stones or sticks together, caveman style. Setting up a tent or shelter using just the natural materials around you. Cleverly using what you have to solve immediate dilemmas.

Aside from the challenge of survival, the view and the serenity can’t be beat. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, reconnecting with your most basic instincts in the outdoors can be a fulfilling and much sought after experience. If beautiful landscapes and the idea of feeling most alive isn’t tempting enough, let the thrill of the unknown and exciting adventures entice you to go outside and explore the world.